Seen but not Heard? The Spatial, Emotional and Material Sites of Childhood and Youth from Antiquity to Modernity

University of Sussex, 18-20 January 2017


Pamela Cox, University of Essex

Colin Heywood, University of Nottingham

Laura King, University of Leeds

Hester Barron, Claire Langhamer & Lucy Robinson, University of Sussex

Education, ‘Civilisation’ and Religion

Megan Webber,  Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings: Infant Missionaries in England, c. 1780-1830

Kirsten Kamphuis, Intimate Strategies. Elite Javanese Girlhood and Christian Domesticity in Three Boarding Schools in the Netherlands Indies, ca. 1907-1940

Stephen Parker, ‘Hands together and eyes closed’: inscribing children’s emotions by broadcast collective worship on radio in Britain, c.1940 to the present

Girlhood, Culture and Place

Jacqueline Holler, Spatial Constraint, Agency, and the Emotional World of Adolescent Girls in Sixteenth-Century New Spain

Timothy Coombes, Cultures of child pianism in late nineteenth-century France

Alison Twells, The beautiful Frankie Soo: culture, class and sexuality in the 1938 diary of a scholarship girl

Youth Subcultures

Katherine Kruger, Reinventing the Romantic Child: ‘Revolution as everyday play’

Fearghus Roulston, Punk, mobility and narrated adolescence in 1970s Northern Ireland

Rosalyn Livshin, The motivations and pathways to communism within Manchester Jewish youth, 1920-1932


Richard Hall, Subjectivity, memory and boys’ toys: Sons and their fathers at work and play, 1945-1970

Shelly Newstead, Adventure Playgrounds as oases of childhood

Jane Baxter, Emotional Practice and Perspectives on Emotion in the Archaeology of Childhood


Laura Sefton, ‘Why I like Camberwell’: Exploring Children’s Consumer Citizenship in Postwar Britain

Frances Saddington, A Guidebook for Socialist Upbringing: Modelling the ‘New Man’ in the Early Soviet Picture Book

Nicholas Bubak, “Why I am a Boy Scout”: Politics and Citizenship in the pages of Community Journals

Orphans and Abandoned Children

Meghanne Barker, Inside the Second Home, Imagining the First

Miriam Muller, Growing Up in the Medieval Village; Under aged heirs, Orphans and their guardians

Alexandra Lloyd, Lost in the Forest? Children’s Spatial Agency in Contemporary German Cinema


Andrew Burchell, Adolescent development, youthful spaces and educational discipline in post-war Britain

Owen Emmerson, ‘It’s very difficult to organise a revolution using bus passes and telephone boxes’: Corporal Punishment, Resistance and Child Surveillance in 1970s Britain.

Parameters of Childhood and Youth

Kristine Alexander, Was Trench Culture a Youth Culture?: Age, Children’s Correspondence Clubs, and the Canadian Expeditionary Force during the First World War

Kaisa Vehkalahti & Essi Jouhki, Youth as a biographical structure and an emotional site. Reading the autobiographies and oral history narratives of Finnish youth, 1950s–1970s

Sanna Lipkin, Remembering children and juveniles in Post-medieval northern Finland

Teaching Youth

Erin Spring, “This land carries all I’ll ever need to know”: tracing the intersections between childhood, place, and identity construction on the Blood Reserve

Hannah Kershaw, ‘I’ve made up my mind, and I think you should too’: Depictions of HIV-antibody testing in British children’s media, 1983-1997

Imagining the Future

Laura Tisdall, ‘What a difference it was to be a woman and not a teenager’: narrating an imagined adulthood in post-war Britain

Jessica Hammett, ‘Doing Your Bit’ and Preparing for Future Service during the Second World War

Marie Stern-Peltz, The Imperfect Citizenship Reading Group

Sites of Leisure

Laura Harrison, Street life: the spaces and places of working-class youth in York, 1880-1960

Hannah Charnock, From the back row to the back seat: The spatial politics of teenage sex in Britain, c. 1955-75

Sarah Kenny, ‘You were either a mainstream sort of person or you went to the Limit and the Leadmill’: cultural identification and the use of space by young people in Sheffield, 1960-1989.

Youth and the City

Christopher Spackman, Regional variances in approaches to camping by British youth movements, 1886 – 1936

Jenny Bavidge, ‘A Peep Into London’: Guides to London for Children from the 18th century to the present day

Daniel Warner, “Despite all that, they seemed really happy”: Reconstructing the Youth Experience of Decline in Liverpool’s Inner City, 1967-1982